Welcome to SilviLaser 2019, hosted for the first time in Latin America, and close to one of the most spectacular wonders of nature, the Iguazu Falls, in Brazil. This is the 16th international conference in a series focusing on lidar applications for assessing and managing forest ecosystems. The conference brings together research scientists, students and LiDAR users from around the world to share their experience in the development and application of laser scanning techniques to improve our understanding of forest ecosystem functioning and facilitate their sustainable management through improved forest assessment and inventory. It also aims to strengthen and develop new linkages between researchers, data providers, and end product users.

History of SilviLaser

SilviLaser 2019 is the 16th conference in a series focused on the applications of lidar and related technologies for assessing and managing forest ecosystems. The conference brings together research scientists and practitioners from around the world to share their experience in the development and application of lidar to (1) improve our understanding of forest ecosystem structure and function and (2) facilitate sustainable forest management through (a) improved forest assessment and inventory and (b) enhanced silviculture decision support. SilviLaser 2017 also aims to strengthen and develop new linkages between researchers, data providers, and product end users.

From 2002 to 2017, many countries in four different continents have hosted Silvilaser conferences. Brazil has the privilege to become one of the twelve countries in the list. The chronological series of conferences has unfolded as follows:

2002 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Brisbane - Australia Victoria - Canada Umea - Sweeden Freiburg - Germany Blacksburg - USA Matsuyama - Japan Espoo - Finland Edinburgh - UK
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015 2017 2019
College Station - USA Freiburg - Germany Hobart - Australia Vancouver - Canada Beijing - China Grande-Motte - France Blacksburg - USA Iguazu Falls - Brazil

Silvilaser 2019 Committees

The Brazilian edition of Silvilaser has been organized with the main support of the University of Sao Paulo (USP), the IPEF Forestry Institute and Embrapa the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation. Two committees are in charge of the main conference tasks, the organizing committee and the scientific committee. Dr. Luiz Carlos E. Rodriguez is the chair person in both committees. For a complete list of committee members, please, click here.

Presenter Guidelines

The conference provides to all participants the opportunity to interact with invited speakers and contributing researchers that will be offering short oral presentations or digital poster presentations. Contributions to the conference (deadline: May 31st 2019) come in the form of abstracts (2500-3000 characters or 350 to 400 words), which are assigned as oral or poster presentation by the Scientific Committee. For specific guidelines to oral and poster presentations, please, click here.

Key Dates

Silvilaser 2019 is scheduled to begin on October 8th, 2019. The following dates are amongst the most important ones for all participants: deadline for abstract submission (Jun 16); announcement of selected abstracts (Jun 30); early bird registration (25% discount registration: May 31; 15% discount registration: Aug 31) and the deadline for registration (Sep 24).

VISA guidelines

Depending on current diplomatic agreements with Brazil, citizens from some countries are requested to apply for a VISA. In such cases, the Brazilian VISIT VISA (VISVIS) suffices for foreigners attending workshops, trade/industrial fairs, conferences or seminars in Brazil. The following table summarizes the entrance VISA requirements for the group of countries that have submitted abstracts to Silvilaser 2019:

For more details and countries, click here. For those participants requesting a VISA, contact the nearest Brazil Visa Application Centre, take with you the Acceptance Letter and, please, print the following information to facilitate the communication at the Brazilian Consulate:


CONTACT PHONE#: +55 (19) 971-655-793

In case your need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us (silvilaser2019@ipef.br).

Sponsors and Exhibitors

The conference also offers participants a chance to meet solution providers and users in the field of laser scanning and LiDAR data processing. You are very welcome to evaluate the benefits of participating as a Silvilaser 2019 sponsor or exhibitor. For more information on how to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor, please, click here.

Do you want to visit the Iguazu Falls?

Silvilaser is a three days scientific meeting loaded with opportunities to learn, interact with LiDAR experts and for making new friends. It is also an opportunity for you to know about new places. And rest assured that Iguazy Fall is a very special place. So, don´t miss the opportunity to visit its most impressive attraction. We strongly recommend you to program a visit to the Iguazu Falls. It is up to you to decide when to go, but we think the day before or the day after would be the best. So, here you have some tips to help you out with the arrangements (click for more information). You will not miss this opportunity, right?


Please, feel free to send your comment or question to silvilaser2019@ipef.br.