Keynote Speakers

Guest speakers are in the process of confirming their participation. Their names and talk titles will be soon unveiled in this page. They will mainly share with us their personal experiences and opinions on how active remote sensors have evolved and how these technologies are promoting the quick development of the ways we monitor and study natural resources in our planet.

Eben North Broadbent
"Drone LiDAR data collection, processing, and analysis"

Jean Pierre Henry Balbaud Ometto
"Estimating above ground biomass in the Brazilian Amazon using close to one thousand thirteen-kilometers lidar transects"

Martin Isenburg
Title of the talk to be announced...

Matheus Henrique Nunes
"An overview on how lidar has helped ecologists to uncover environmental effects on the dynamics of tropical forests in the Malaysian Borneo Island"

Michael Keller
"Understanding management, degradation, and regeneration of forests in the Brazilian Amazon using lidar remote sensing"

Ralph O. Dubayah
"The first glimpse at GEDI data that will help us produce the first three-dimensional map of the world’s temperate and tropical forests"

Svetlana Saarela
"Treating lidar-based predictions as pseudo-field data: possibilities and pitfalls"

Tiago de Conto
"Mobile Laser Scanning - towards a new standard for forest inventory"