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Silvilaser 2019

Silvilaser 2019 - Oral Presentations

2 Accurate geo-referencing of trees with no or inaccurate terrestrial location devices
Bogdan Strimbu, Chu Qi, John Sessions, Chris Cieszewski

9 Transferability of ALS-derived Forest Resource Inventory Attributes between Eastern and Western Canadian Boreal Forest Mixedwoods
Karin van Ewijk, Piotr Tompalski, Paul Treitz, Nicholas Coops, Murray Woods, Doug Pitt

11 JIB-SCAN: How to avoid occlusion in single station TLS assessments
Günther Bronner, Martin Wieser

15 GEDI’s potential to map structural diversity of plant canopies – a case study in the Sierra Nevada mountains
Fabian Schneider, Antonio Ferraz, Laura Duncanson, Ralph Dubayah, Steven Hancock, Ryan Pavlick, David Schimel

16 The Current and Future Vision for NASA Research on Forest Ecosystem Structure and Function from Space
Hank Margolis, Michael Falkowski

17 UAS LiDAR data: very high density 3D data for accurate automatic assessment of individual tree parameters
Karel Kuželka, Martin Slavík, Peter Surový

19 Terrestrial Photogrammetric Measurements at the Individual Tree and Plot Levels in a Boreal Mixedwood Forest
Christopher Mulverhill, Nicholas C. Coops, Piotr Tompalski, Christopher W. Bater, Adam R. Dick

22 Potential of forest structural types detected directly from airborne LiDAR data in the aboveground biomass estimation
Syed Adnan, Matti Maltamo , Rubén Valbuena, Petteri Packalen

23 Enhancing sample design by auxiliary information – potential of airborne laser scanning and satellite image based forest resources maps
Minna Raety, Ninni Saarinen, András Balázs, Annika Kangas

24 Using airborne LiDAR and Landsat imagery to map forest aboveground biomass in the Brazilian Amazon
Qian Zhang, Qi Chen

26 Exploring the potential of GEDI-derived canopy structure for mapping tree species diversity in the tropics
Suzanne Marselis, Hao Tang, John Armston, Steven Hancock, David Minor, Laura Duncanson, Matt Fitzpatrick, Matt Hansen, Ralph Dubayah

31 Deep Learning of synchronized Airborne LiDAR and Hyperspectral data to map successional stages on a Tropical Dry Forest
Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, Chuanliang Sun, Genping Zhao, Kati Laakso, Jianjuna Pan

32 Using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) LiDAR to estimate stocking density and basal area for forest hydrology modelling
Dominik Jaskierniak, Arko Lucieer, George Kuczera

33 3D Forest 0.5 – new release of the tool for processing high density point cloud data from forest ecosystems.
Martin Krůček, Jan Trochta, Kamil Král

37 Impact of acquisition characteristics of unmanned aerial vehicle LiDAR missions on the quality of derived forest metrics
Moritz Bruggisser, Markus Hollaus, Di Wang, Wilfried Karel, Johannes Otepka, Norbert Pfeifer, Günther Bronner

38 Integration of UAV-based photogrammetric point cloud and hyperspectral data for tree species classification
Camile Sothe, Michele Dalponte , Cláudia Maria de Almeida, Marcos Benedito Schimalski , Veraldo Liesenberg, Carla Luciane Lima, Antonio Maria Garcia Tommaselli , Gabriela Takahashi Miyoshi

39 Architectural modeling for upscaling tree- and plot-level attributes across forest landscape
Jean-François Côté, Richard Fournier, Joan Luther, Olivier Van Lier

41 A pan-Canadian characterization of Boreal Forest gap size frequency distributions
Tristan R.H. Goodbody, Piotr Tompalski, Nicholas C. Coops, Joanne C. White, Michael A. Wulder, Marco Sanelli

42 Comparing Terrestrial and UAV LiDAR for Monitoring Forest Structure
Kim Calders, Harm Bartholomeus, Martin Herold, Tim Whiteside, Renee Bartolo, Shaun Levick, Benjamin Brede, Hans Verbeeck

45 On separating wood from leaves, accounting for leaf angle distribution, and occlusion effects in terrestrial lidar scans of dense forests
Martin Beland, Jean-Francois Tremblay

53 Estimating forest canopy equivalent water thickness using terrestrial laser scanning and implementing the 3D estimates in radiative transfer modelling
Ahmed Elsherif, Rachel Gaulton, Jon Mills

55 Influence of vegetation structure on the canopy penetration of single photon LiDAR (SPL)
Martin Queinnec, Nicholas Coops, Grant McCartney

57 Estimating fuel consumption at multiple scales from pre- and post-fire TLS and ALS
Andrew Hudak, Benjamin Bright, Ryan McCarley, Akira Kato, Eric Rowell, Louise Loudermilk, Susan Prichard, Gabriel Prata, Christie Hawley, David Weise

58 Comparison of multispectral airborne laser scanning and stereo matching of aerial images as a single sensor solution to forest inventories by tree species
Mikko Kukkonen, Matti Maltamo, Lauri Korhonen, Petteri Packalen

59 How can variation in growth characteristics between genetic level and spacings of Douglas-fir realized-gains trials be characterized by ALS derived attributes?
Francois du Toit, Nicholas Coops, Piotr Tompalski, Michael Stoehr, Arko Lucieer, Darren Turner

60 Characterizing phenotypes and modeling realized genetic gain in tree breeding trials using super-dense UAV laser scanning
Samuel Grubinger, Nicholas Coops, Arko Lucieer, Darren Turner, Michael Stoehr

63 Forest canopy cover analysis using UAV-based LIDAR and photogrammetry
Qingwang Liu, Liyong Fu, Peng Luo, Shiming Li, Zengyuan Li

64 Optimising TLS sampling designs for the description of understorey vegetation structure
Ritu Taneja, Luke Wallace

65 Cyclones, fire, and the dry rainforest: Small footprint-ALS for mapping and management
Gabrielle Davidson, Keith Cook, Anita Cook, Tony Peter

66 Slice sector approximation as a tool for point cloud-based forest simulators
Demetrios Gatziolis, Nikolay Strigul

70 Assimilating laser scanning and Landsat data following classical calibration
Håkan Olsson, Nils Lindgren, Kenneth Nyström, Göran Ståhl

71 Understanding the forest structure by utilizing full waveform LiDAR data

72 Spatial analysis of ultrahigh density LiDAR data for species classification
Martin Slavík, Karel Kuželka, Peter Surový, Branislav Hroššo

73 Exploring very high resolution UAV-Laser scanning for above-ground biomass estimators
Johan de Jong, Benjamin Brede, Harm Bartholomeus, Kim Calders, Shaun Levick, Alvaro Lau Sarmiento

74 Impact of wildfire regime on forest structural diversity in Northwest Spain
Isabel Aulló-Maestro, Cristina Gómez, Jesús Martínez Fernández, Fernando Montes, Antonio Vázquez de la Cueva

75 Co-registration of ALS and TLS forestry data
Alexander Haring, Andreas Ullrich, Nikolaus Studnicka, Bernhard Groiss

77 Assessing the Role of Vegetation Structure and Foliage Characteristics as Drivers of Avian Diversity
Ross Hill, Markus Melin, Paul Bellamy, Shelley Hinsley

79 Spatial pattern of old large trees in a region of Amazon tropical forest
Gustavo Henrique de Oliveira Mourão, Dhaíla Amanda Carneiro, Alline Zagnoli Villela Motta, Carlos Henrique Souza Celes, Jean Pierre Ometto, Eric Bastos Gorgens

80 L-Vox: An algorithm to estimate PAD from TLS point clouds acquired in forest environments
Van-Tho Nguyen, Richard Fournier , Jean-François Côté, François Pimont

87 Impact of simplifying assumptions on plant area density estimation with UAV-based Laser Scanning
Benjamin Brede, Harm Bartholomeus, Alvaro Lau, Lammert Kooistra

88 Using state-of-the-art LiDAR technology for mapping Ecosystem Services of urban trees – a case study from Krakow (Poland)
Piotr Wężyk, Monika Winczek, Ewa Siedlarczyk, Karolina Zięba-Kulawik, Katarzyna Bajorek-Zydroń, Kinga Szerszeń

94 Estimation of the tree and stand volume on point clouds derived from Terrestrial Laser Scanning using fractal methods.
J. Antonio Guzmán Q., Iain Sharp, Felipe Alencastro, G. Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa

95 Challenges of multi-temporal and multi-sensor height growth analyses in a highly disturbed Boreal Mixedwood Forest in Canada.
Piotr Tompalski, Nicholas Coops, Joseph Rakofsky, Alex Graham, Joanne White

100 LiDAR monitoring of canopy clearings after sustainable logging operations in forest concessions in the Amazon
Leilson Gomes, Ricardo Brites , Charton Locks, Hudson Veras, Rosiane Anjos

101 Capturing global trends in tree and forest structure with a unified terrestrial laser scanning database
Atticus Stovall, John Armston, Kim Calders

104 Forest degradation assessment in Tropical Dry Forests: a comparison of IceSat 2, UAV and ground-based observation data
Philipp Gärtner, Beatriz Gobbi, Dante Loto

106 Changes in site productivity in the dynamic southeastern United States
Valerie Thomas, Randolph Wynne, Ranjith Gopalakrishnan, Todd Schroeder

114 Evaluation of the use of cross flight photo acquisition for improvement of forest structure reconstruction in SFM point clouds
Bryan Hally, Luke Wallace, Samuel Hillman, Chris Bellman

121 Ground and Top of Canopy Extraction from ICESat-2 Data in the South of China
Yong Pang, Bowei Chen, Zengyuan Li, Jackie Rosette

122 Fuel Load Mapping in the Brazilian Savanna using Lidar Data and Multispectral Imagery
Carlos Silva, Carine Klauberg, Adrián Cardil, Danilo Roberti Alves de Almeida, Eben N. Broadbent, Gustavo Eduardo Marcatti, Renato Vinícius Oliveira Castro, Eraldo Aparecido Trondoli Matricardi, Veraldo Liesenberg, Bruno Araújo Mendonça, Ruben Valbuena, Manuel Eduardo Ferreira, Elpídio Inácio Fernandes Filho, Ana Paula Dalla Corte, Angelica M. Almeyda Zambrano, Andrew Thomas Hudak

123 Classifying Change; Using temporal lidar canopy metrics to classify forest growth and mortality trajectories
Chris Hopkinson, Laura Chasmer, Emily Jones, Kevin Devito

126 Fusing multispectral lidar and aerial imagery for tree species classification
Peter Krzystek, Nina Amiri

127 Resolution Dependence in Airborne Laser Scanning Based Forest inventory
Petteri Packalen, Jacob Strunk, Tuula Packalen, Matti Maltamo, Lauri Mehtätalo

130 Extending LiDAR-based forested inventories through space and time
Michael Falkowski, Andrew Hudak, Patrick Fekety

131 Retrieving the stand volume of Scots pine stands using an allometric model applied on ALS-derived auxiliary metrics
Jaroslaw Socha, Pawel Hawrylo, Luiza Tyminska-Czabanska

132 Using multispectral terrestrial lidar for early detection of tree decline – from leaf water content to fine structural details
Samuli Junttila, Markus Holopainen, Mikko Vastaranta, Riikka Linnakoski, Päivi Lyytikäinen-Saarenmaa, Juha Hyyppä

143 Synergy of ICESat-2 and Landsat optical imagery data for mapping forest aboveground biomass with deep learning
Lana Narine, Sorin Popescu, Lonesome Malambo

145 Adopting GEDI’s algorithms for estimating forest aboveground biomass with ICESat-2
Laura Duncanson, Amy Neuenschwander, Carlos Silva, Steve Hancock, John Armston, Lola Fatoyinbo, Marc Simard, Nathan Thomas, Jim Kellner, Michelle Hofton, Scott Luthcke, Ralph Dubayah

147 On-orbit evaluation of GEDI waveform biomass estimators
John Armston, Jim Kellner, Laura Duncanson, Paul Patterson, Sean Healey, Steven Hancock, Ralph Dubayah

148 Global products of slope-adaptive waveform metrics of large footprint lidar over forested areas
Wenjian Ni, Jiachen Dong, Zhiyu Zhang, Yao Wang, Guoqing Sun


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