Iguazu Falls
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Iguazu Falls is in fact a collection of 275 waterfalls of different sizes. In 1986, UNESCO granted it the title of Natural Patrimony of Humanity. In 2011, they were included in the Seven New Wonders of Nature. Iguazu Falls are among the 18 best destinations in the world. For the Forbes Travel Guide, the falls were defined as "a dazzling UNESCO World Heritage Site".

The Iguazu Falls

The ticket office

The Iguazu National Park entrance


Iguazu Falls are located within the Iguazu National Park in Brazil, and in the Iguazu National Park in Argentina. In Brazil, Iguazu National Park was created in 1939 and is managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), an agency supervised by the Brazilian Ministry of Environment. Iguazu National Park's unique scenic beauty is home to one of the largest reminiscent fragment of Atlantic forest in the southern region of Brazil. The National Park protects a rich biodiversity, consisting of representative species from the Brazilian fauna and flora, some of which are included in the list of threatened species, such as jaguars (Pantheraonca), pumas (Puma concolor), yellow-bellied alligator (Caiman latirostris), purple-breasted parrot (Amazona vinacea), as well as other species of relevant value and scientific interest.


You can either make the arrangements yourself or hire a local travel agency. In case you decide to make the arrangements yourself, just head to the entrance of the National Park, located at Avenida das Cataratas, BR-469, KM 18, Iguazu Falls - Parana. You can get there by bus, Uber, taxi or rental car. If you choose to go by bus, go to the City Bus Terminal (TTC - terminal de transporte coletivo), downtown city and look for bus line 120 National Park. Check schedules here. Once you arrive in the park, head towards the Visitor Center. There you will find the information center, the ticket office, a bank agency, public telephones, toilets, coffee, souvenir shop, environmental exhibition and parking. Tickets can be bought using the internet (click here to access the webpage, in Portuguese) or upon arrival in the Visitor Center. The purchase of tickets online is strongly recommended, as lines are usually large. Once the tickets are purchased, a panoramic bus can be taken up to the starting point of the trails that will lead to the falls. Warning: the trail has many stairs and is not recommended for visually impaired people or persons with disabilities. In such cases, a lift leads directly to the suspended walkways. The suspended walkways have no obstacles and allow free access and enjoyment to all visitors.

There are many travel agencies in the city of Iguazu Falls. Among those, the Chamon Agency will have a representative available in the Mabu Thermas Grand Resort, venue of the Silvilaser 2019. For more information about the services they provide, please, place them a call (+55 45 3529-6258) or an e-mail (chamoncataratas@chamon.tur.br).

Other attractions

Macuco Safari

Panoramic flight over the falls

Other attractions include:

• the Black Well Trail (a 4 hours trail program in which you can appreciate the Park's flora and fauna and a boat tour up the Upper Iguaçu River);

• the Macuco Safari (a boat ride that offers you the closest contact with the water falls possible, including a three-kilometer ride in an opened cart hauled by an electric vehicle, an optional 600 meter walk on suspended trails, in the company of bilingual guides and the boat ride for an unforgettable experience); and

• the helicopter panoramic flight (a 10-minute helicopter ride that soars above the Iguazu falls to get a bird's-eye view of the rushing water and the surrounding rainforest while enjoying commentary from the pilot, excelent photo opportunities that may even offer a round-trip transportation from the hotel).

Each attraction is paid separately.

Iguazu Park operating hours

The park is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but we suggest you check this information closer to the date of your visit, because may be occasional changes.

What to wear

• Comfortable clothes and shoes
• Raincoat, if you do not want to get wet
• Sunscreen lotion
• Mosquito repelente