Presenter Guidelines
Oral Presentations

• Each presenter has a 20 minute time slot - 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and transition. Moderators will be present in each session to assist with time keeping and transitions.
• Please bring your presentation in PowerPoint format as well as a PDF format for backup.
• 16:9 format is recommended for slides.
• All rooms will have a projector and laptops equipped with the most current versions of PowerPoint and Abode Acrobat.
• Computers will be connected to the internet using basic wifi, sufficient for incorporating basic web-based elements in a presentation, but not for downloading large files and video content.
• Please bring your presentation on a portable storage device (thumb/flash drive or similar) so that you may upload your presentation to the computer located in your session's room.
• Presenters will be responsible for loading their presentation onto the computer in the room where their session is being held
• You are welcome to load the presentations earlier, if possible.
• There will be moderators and volunteers in each room to assist with this process.

Poster Presentations

• Please prepare your poster in PowerPoint / PDF format, using the SilviLaser 2019 Template (avaiable soon)
• Please bring your poster on a portable storage device (thumb/flash drive or similar) and at your arrival ask one of the members of the Registration Desk ready for the upload to the conference database.
• Posters will be electronically displayed on 49" LCD monitors.