Presenter Guidelines
Oral Presentations

Due to the large number of participants, presenters are expected to deliver "flash talks" focusing on:
- the issue the research is trying to solve
- the methodology or research process
- how the research addresses the problem
- towards where the research is heading in the future

• Each presenter has 10 minutes to address the audience and 2 to 3 minutes time for answering up to two questions.
• Please bring your presentation in either PowerPoint or PDF format.
• The recommended size proportion for the slides is 16:9.
• All rooms will have a projector and laptops equipped with the most current versions of PowerPoint and Abode Acrobat.
• Computers will be connected to the internet using basic wifi, sufficient for incorporating basic web-based elements in a presentation, but not for downloading large files and video content.
• Please bring your presentation on a portable storage device (thumb/flash drive or similar), as it will be requested by assistants at the welcome desk.
• There will be moderators and volunteers in each room to assist you.

Poster Presentations

There will be an innovative way for poster presenters to address the conference’s attendees. As organizers, it is our desire to make the poster sessions as informative and engaging as the oral sessions. A set of 50” TV monitors will offer you the opportunity to deliver your digital poster as either a static panel or a video presentation.
• The static panel is a landscape-oriented static digital image of your poster in JPG format.
• For static panel, please, use the attached PowerPoint template to distribute the content of your poster and then save it as a JPG file.
• For video presentations, please, read the attached guidelines and produce a short movie (up to 5 minutes) of your contribution formatted as an MP4 file.
• 50” TV monitors will display the posters either as static panels or MP4 video file.
• The monitors measure 43.6 inches (110.7 cm) in width and 24.5” (62.2 cm) in height.
• Refrain from altering significantly the suggested template sizes as it adjusts the content accordingly and nicely to the TV monitors' dimensions.
• Once you have decided to produce either a JPG static panel or an MP4 video presentation, please, send it to before Sept 30th, 2019.