Field Trips
Field Trips
(Wednesday, 13:30 - 18:00)

Attendees of Silvilaser 2019, separated into two groups, can choose to participate in field activities NOT MUTUALLY exclusive. Hence, choose among the following:

Visit the Bela Vista Itaipu Biological Refuge
(U$ 60.00, paid on registration)

This group will join laser scanning operations on riparian native forests close to the Itaipu water reservoir. Developed in partnership with a team of researchers from the Bela Vista Itaipu Biological Refuge, the laser scanning group will use terrestrial mobile and UAV platforms to produce point clouds and create 3D maps of the vegetation at the Biological Refuge.

Source: Itaipu Binacional (

Visit the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant
(U$ 30.00, paid on accreditation)

This group will visit the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, one of the largest operating hydroelectric projects in the world in terms of annual energy generation (14 GW), second only to Three Gorges in China (22.5 GW). The visit to the hydroelectric plant is limited to a group of 80 participants and takes approximately two hours.

Source: Itaipu Binacional (

Dual visit to the Power Plant and Biological Refuge

Attendees can register for both activities. Participants that have chosen to do both visits will join the second group after the visit to the dam.

What to wear and carry with you

The activities will involve some walking on wild trails, so be aware about footwear. Use light, loose-fitting trousers and preferable long-sleeved shirts (avoid dark colors). Hats or caps are also recommended. Therefore, long pants, long sleeve tshirt and close-toed shoes are recommended. Shorts, flowing dresses and flip-flops are not recommended. It is spring time at the time of the field trips and he climate is usually warm and humid. Lightweight and compact rain gear may be needed. It is also advisable to carry a bottle of water, even where food and beverage is provided by the organizers. Last but not least important, bring your sunscreen and insect repellent of preference, these are must have items.